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Mon, 06 Nov 2017 22:10:11 +0000

So I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now. It’s something that I’ve done sporadically. I would write for a month or two, then get preoccupied with life and forget to write again. Even though TONS of topics would race through my brain about what to write about, I just couldn’t find time to put “pen to pad”.
And I didn’t care that I had a small audience. I mean we ALL start from scratch. I was happy that I could make my mom and the 2 subscribers I had chuckle at my posts. Even when I was constant with my writing, I was writing just to get my thoughts out. I wasn’t seeking to go viral. I didn’t want people to come to epiphany’s after reading something I wrote. At times, I just wrote because it’s therapeutic to me. So why not just write in a journal and keep my thoughts to myself? Hmmm, I don’t know. I guess I like an audience. And not in a P. Diddy/Papa John’s all up in the camera kind of attention. I mean, I like to share my thoughts because it’s cool if at least one person knows what I am thinking (whether I know them or not).
For the most part, I’ve been told my posts are “funny”. I’m not trying to be funny, I just write how I talk.
Well after years of writing and wrestling with the idea of where I wanted to go with my blog, I still haven’t got a clue. I’ve read, bought, watched, and attended some many blog empowering articles, videos, books and conferences that at this point I should be a multimillionaire…well at least according to them. I’ve built my social media, created media kits, networked, and everything in between but I still have little to show for it. Well, that’s being dramatic…I did meet some awesome people. No, really! But even those connections haven’t gotten me any closer to the dream that I am supposed to be working towards. But what the heck is that dream?!?!?
I’ve been told by “successful” bloggers to:
Find Your Niche
I am a mom, and a wife, and I like cars, and I like arts and crafts, and I plan to travel, and I like nice hotels, and I love food,…… you get the point. My niche? Yeah, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And that’s not good, because there are a bunch of other mommy bloggers spewing the same recipes, DIY projects and family fun vacays already. What makes me stand out?
Monetize Your Blog
HTML code to me is what kryptonite is to Superman. Even with plug ins, I still struggle with where to place google ads, and affiliate links. And then I have to remember to notate that I am using the links because I don’t want to get fined by the feds. And after all is said and done and it takes my pages 30 minutes to load, I have made cool 35 cent for the month. BALLIN!! I’ve worked on my Google Analytics account, and Google Adsense because I need these to have passive income. But if no one is passin’ through my blog to give me passive income then it’s a bust.
Build Your Audience
So when working with brands they want to know your monthly views. They want to make sure that any investment they put into you will be worth it. What do they get out of the deal. And that COMPLETELY makes sense to me. And I actually can’t argue that point. And I’ve been trying to build my audience by cross promoting my blog posts on various social media sites. I’ve seen a small uptick in my readership. But it’s not the thousands that they want people to have. I recently started doing car reviews. Not because I am a car expert, and have in depth knowledge about the automotive industry. It’s because I genuinely love cars. I like them at a very high level and can tell you what bells and whistles they may have, but probably couldn’t school you about what’s under the hood. I’m OK with that, but auto brands …not so much. I try to make up for my page views by sharing lots on social media. I do know that building an email list is like gold in this industry. If you’ve got a killer email list you can do wonders. If I hear one more brand say “Let us know once your pageviews are higher…..” I may scream!
Now here’s the shocker, after all the information that I’ve gathered, I actually did realize what I wanted to do. And it took 8 years to figure it out. And my ah-ha moment didn’t come from a $100 blogging e-course, or an 8 hour “empowerment session”. I say this to say, stop beating yourself up. So what if you don’t have a million followers. So what if you’re not making tons of money. So what if you haven’t found your niche just yet. Your time will come. Mine hasn’t even come yet (completely) but I am actually hopeful because I have a vision. Enjoy the ride. I guarantee you there is someone out there waiting on your next post because they like how you write. They love what you have to say. They can relate to your thoughts.
As long as you’re still moved by the work you do/write, then that should be motivation enough to continue. And when you have your “ah ha” moment, it will be so special.

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