Easy Peasie Veggies

Mon, 01 May 2017 14:37:00 +0000

My kids like ice cream. My kids LOVE my spaghetti. My kids go crazy for my very berry smoothie! But would my kids still like, love and go crazy if they knew there was a bunch of veggies hidden in their favorite dishes? The older ones maybe, the younger ones probably not. My 7 year old has a firm “frown upon” policy for most veggies.
So for the last week, I’ve been sneaking veggies in everything I’ve made for them. I even sneak it in the babies milk bottles. I’ve been using Easy Peasie green veggie blend powder! It’s virtually tasteless and really is as easy as sprinkling your favorite seasoning in your homemade dish. There isn’t any noticeable smell or color, so it makes it easy to sprinkle in sweet or savory dishes. We made banana cookies the other day and the kids didn’t notice that I put it in them.
Now for the sake of me wanting them to genuinely like vegetables, I still give them fresh produce. But this helps when I have to force them to eat a little bit of what they don’t like .
So, yea….I’ve been sneaking around in the kitchen for the sake of getting some veggies in my kids. And I am quite pleased with myself!
Check out http://www.easypeasie.com and get your kids eating their veggies with a smile.
*To celebrate the launch of their new product, Easy Peasie sent me free samples of their Green Blend veggie powder.

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