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Sat, 15 Apr 2017 16:05:10 +0000

Online shopping isn’t new to anyone in 2017. Neither is online grocery shopping. With services like PeaPod delivery (Giant Food), groceries are only a click away for most people. But there is still a wait time. There isn’t same day delivery. You have to plan at least a day in advance to have your groceries delivered to your home. Even curbside pick up requires at least 8-10 hours notice for your items to be ready. But then that means you have to go out the house to pick up your items.
With my busy schedule, I rely on online shopping. I’m always on the hunt for quicker delivery while keeping within my budget. Online grocery shopping is no different.
I found out that Amazon Fresh met that requirement.
Linked to my Amazon account, I signed up with Amazon Fresh just to check it out. Navigating the site was simple. It uses the same methodology as Amazon’s main website. You simply add your items and they appear in your cart. I updated the quantity at check out to make it easier for me.

So I sat down with the kids one night, around 7p I believe, and we went grocery shopping. My kids have a few food allergies, and it was helpful to sort by dairy free option, vegan, etc.

When we were ready to check out, we selected the delivery address and time. I was able to schedule for next day delivery at 6am-8am. Paid for my order, and carried on with the rest of my night.
They have the option of attended and non-attended delivery. I find you have more options when they don’t require the customer to be home during delivery.
Around 7am my delivery showed up. It wasn’t a huge box truck in my driveway, but a small sedan. The driver got out and placed my groceries on my doorstep.

The order came in several bags. For the cold and frozen items they used the green bags. They had ice packs inside. For the frozen items there was a block of dry ice. The non-perishable items were placed in the brown paper bags.

They’ll arrange to pick up the reusable bags with your next Fresh delivery.
Mommy’s Report Card:
Delivery Window: A+
Food Options: A
Packaging: A
Mommy’s Notes:
As a Prime member you can add AmazonFresh for $14.99 per month to your existing Prime membership. This doesn’t include the $9.99 delivery fee if you don’t meet their minimum order threshold. I’m currently using their free trial. That’s a whopping $25 for an online grocery shopping service that doesn’t even allow you to use manufacturer coupons.
Honestly, it’s a toss up. I could argue that the $14.99 is nominal when I think about gas to and from the store, plus time spent waiting in lines and hauling packages to the car and in the house. I will always meet the minimum delivery threshold because I have a lot of people in my household. But I’d really love the opportunity to use coupons. I get a high when I see my shopping cart total drop after handing over a stack of coupons.

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