Happy New Bae!!

Sat, 30 Dec 2017 14:15:27 +0000

I know, I know. I kind of cringed when I wrote the word “bae” myself. I’ve grown tired of the “term of endearment” for anyone who remotely tickles your fancy. But I decided to use it anyway. After this long holiday season, I was ready to be new bae for my bae. *I threw up a little in my mouth after writing that last sentence*
In all honesty, while most were looking forward to December 25th, Christmas Day, I was looking forward to December 26th. That was the day my husband and I selected to spend quality time together. A whole day and night, devoted to us! No kids in our ear. I thought of the idea back in October, but didn’t solidify anything until late November. Our budget was SUPER DUPER tight! Like, no really, super duper.
We rarely get a moment to ourselves, and when you’re cockblocked sun up and sun down, every second counts. The plan was to get a grandparent to watch all four of the kiddies, while we had the time of our life in 24 hours.
I wanted to make sure everything went without a hitch. I didn’t even want anything about us to say we had kids. So I requested the top of the line 2018 Toyota Avalon, from my connects at Toyota. I told them I wanted to feel super sexy! They came through!
My mom volunteered to watch the kids, and before you knew it, the 26th had come! We almost knocked the baby over when my mom arrived. She was standing guard at the front door making sure we didn’t escape!

Honey dip packed up the car with our overnight bag, we grabbed our passports and used all the 268HP the Avalon had to jet out the driveway. I made sure to pack books for the long trip to sunny Northern Virginia. I got my seat perfectly situated for the long 30 mile drive. Thank goodness the car has great gas mileage (30 mpg), so we used a cool gallon of gas to get to our final destination.
My husband plugged the address into the Navigation system so we wouldn’t get lost! We left the cold 32-degree weather in Maryland and basked in the balmy 33-degree weather in Virginia. I guess this is what it means to “travel first class, to change the forecast”.

We pulled up to our luxurious spa retreat! Although we spent so much money on Christmas gifts for our loved ones, it was nice to drop a few bills on ourselves. I found a Groupon deal for an all day pass at Spa World. It was only $29! I know! We splurged. Don’t tell our accountant!
Spa world was LOVELY! I couldn’t take pictures of the bade pool area because cameras are forbidden. Want to know why? Because nudity is MANDATORY in that area! OMG, OMG, OMG! I am not a nudist by any means, unless you call me walking around in my bedroom and a random kid busting into my room to say "Ewww Mommy, you’re naked!". The bade pool area looked sooooooooooo nice, so I dropped my draws and sashayed into the pool like I do this all the time. You have to shower first, of course, and then you pick an area. It was actually really liberating. I loved it and realized no one was paying me and my stretched out stomach and flappy breasts any attention. Even when my lifeless boobs floated to the top of the water with the buoyancy of a lifevest, no one batted an eye. There were all types of women in there, and they were just trying to enjoy the pool. I loved it!
The other areas of the spa were clothing required.

Most of the rooms were between 134 degrees F to 150 degrees F. The Blue Onyx Ice Room was a toasty 46 degrees F!! Brrrrrrrrrr!
The day was great. We had a fabulous lunch where instead of gazing into each other’s eyes, we each played Candy Crush. We are actually playing competitively to see who can get the highest score on each level. Our waiter brought our entrees out and we dined in peace! We didn’t have to blow anyone’s food, count carbs, or check the ingredient list to see the allergens.
After lunch and the spa, we went to our hotel suite. The hotel was located right next to a busy highway. At the upscale Springhill Suites, we relaxed and drank exotic champagne that the front desk left in our room.

I spent an extra $10 for the romantic package which included champagne, 4 hershey kisses and late check out at 2p the next day.
For dinner, the choices were almost infinite! We went to an Italian restaurant and dined in our room.

He on his bed and me on mine. We watched Forged in Fire until we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (7:45a) and went downstairs to eat their complimentary buffet breakfast. I had a stale english muffin and warm turkey sausage. Plus 4 plastic cups of their super sweet cranberry juice, before going back upstairs. I remembered I still had some pizza left and ate that on my bed. Check out for other people was at 12pm. But remember, our check out wasn’t until 2p. So, after lounging around in our PJs all morning, we left at 12:05p.
I loved my time away with my husband. While it may not have been your cup of tea, it worked for us. We enjoyed spending time together. We felt a refreshed and loved on each other without interruption.
I hope you take time out next year to do a little something for you!! Happy New Bae… I mean Happy New Year to you!!! See you in 2018!


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