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Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:55:02 +0000

I’ve hinted a few times that I am being proactive in my search for a new family vehicle. If you follow me on Instagram (@eitb_blog), my IG Stories have been filled with me going from dealership to dealership in hopes that I’ll find the perfect combo of great pricing, a car that is visually appealing and spacing to accommodate us all.
I currently have a Nissan Pathfinder. This actually was my dream SUV since high school. I don’t know what about the style over 20 years ago appealed to me, but I was smitten. My heart sank a bit when they redesigned it from the rugged boxy layout to a more sleek and almost mini van looking layout. I was actually pretty upset. It took years for me to like it, and when I decided to get out of my old car, Nissan was the first place I went.
I loved my 2015 Pathfinder, it had everything I needed for my family of 5. And then we became a family of 6, and my kiddies started getting tall. You know how kids are, you buy them new shoes or pants and by the time you get home they’ve out grown it all. That’s how I felt about the Pathfinder. Only 18 months in and I was already on the search for a new car.
I’m very visual. I usually pounce on items I see that are aesthetically pleasing, usually with out a lot of research. It’s a bad thing. So, a lot of my car buying process in years previous was wanting cars that looked nice. I didn’t care to research that there may be a host of issues with the car. I just knew I liked what I saw. Thankfully, my boyfriend at the time (husband now) worked in car sales and was able to steer me away from making bad car purchasing decisions. The ONE time I made an impulse buy on a car, I ended up with a car that spent more time in the shop than it did in my driveway. Lot’s of engine trouble, etc. Never made that mistake again.
While I don’t want to drive anything that looks like a hearse, I am not as particular in the outside appearance of my next car. I need to make sure that I use my noggin when selecting the next car.
With a family of 6, we need to make sure there is a bit of space between all occupants of the vehicle. We’re in that "she’s touching me" phase of the kids childhood and I try my best to avoid them complaining about cramped quarters. My last vehicle (Chevrolet Traverse) had captain seating in the second row. It was PERFECT! They didn’t touch at all. My Pathfinder has bench seating. So with three in the second row, I resorted to placing the babies car seat in the middle. Her car seat is about the size a lazy boy recliner unfortunately. You know the new seats that grow with the baby from infancy until they are off to college, yeah that’s what I have.
Last night, when I asked my daughter why she took off her shoes, she explained that her feet were cramped in the 3rd row. She’s only 7 and not abnormally tall for her age. I felt bad. I’ve always had a third row seat once I crossed from the land of sedans into SUVs and Crossovers. My first was a Chrysler Pacifica, then Dodge Journey, then Chevrolet Traverse, and now the Nissan Pathfinder. Since my kids were always small, the spacing was never an issue, but now that the only ones going in the third row are 7 or older, I need to make sure they are comfortable. I also want to make sure that I am able to push my seat back far enough to be comfortable without crowding anyone behind me. I am 5’9". My legs are loooooooong! So far, this hasn’t been an issue with any of the cars I’ve had. I can’t have my knees cramped into the steering wheel.
So as you can see, I’ve got quite a bit to think about. To top it all off, I need to make sure I can find financing good enough to make me buy. I don’t want to pay an arm and leg. I want to keep my next car for the long haul, but based on my history (this is my 8th vehicle in 16 years) I may be in the market in another few years. Plus I do know that I miss driving a sedan.
My husband mentioned that if I decided on a minivan, that we could look at a third car (sedan) as well. He knows I refuse to get a minivan, DESPITE my love for the drive and spaciousness of a minivan. I KNOW! I just can’t buy a minivan, and I actually fell in love with the new Chrysler Pacifica. I rented one in January for a weekend. It was like driving a fancy spaceship.
If there was a way to create a truck that looked sporty on the outside, but had the inside of a minivan, I’d be sold. Sort of like the Mazda MPV from the 90s, before they started looking like actual minivans.
Oh, one more thing….I’m not opposed to buy used to get all the features I really want. So there is just a LOT to consider. If you notice me lamenting on IG about the many decisions I have to make, just laugh. LOL!
What’s your truck (or minivan) recommendation? I’ll post my final decision eventually, and I’ll also post on what others recommended. 🙂
If you want to take a poll on what you look for in a family car, here you go:

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