Holiday Boredom Busters

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 19:45:39 +0000

The holidays are supposed to be filled with fun and cheer, but sometimes either before or after the meal is done, things can get a little stale. It’s easy to enjoy the thrill of opening your gifts or the hearty laughter you have over a great meal. But once that excitement is over, what do you do? And more importantly how are the kids entertaining themselves?
I try to have my children interact with family when we get together. I want to see their faces smiling and having a good time, but not by what ever they’re looking at on their smartphone or tablet. The moment you take their electronic away, they’ll scream "I’m bored!"
I’ve got a few things that will keep them laughing and playing for a few hours. They’ll forget about their phone/tablet and look forward to the next gathering at your house.
If you’re looking to outsource the position of facilitating the activities, ask a teen or two to play along. It gets them off their phones and there can be a great reward in store if they help out.
If anyone has an older child (age 14 or older) you can ask that they watch over the kids in another room and coordinate the activities/games. The host can ask that each guest with a child bring a small gift, monetary donation or gift card to place into a basket that the babysitter will take home at the end of the night. Most teens are eager to earn a quick buck.
You’ll need an old tissue box, a belt and some ping pong balls. Loop the belt through the tissue box and place about 5-6 ping pong balls inside the box. Strap the box onto the players box and have them jump, shake, and dance all around until all balls have popped out the tissue box. Players can’t use their hands and they can’t lay down on the ground.
All that’s required is a cookie and a face! Place the cookie on the top of everyone’s forehead. Have them lean their head back and watch them wriggle and wiggle their face until the cookie ends up in their mouth. If the cookie falls on the ground grab another one and start over. First player to get the cookie in their mouth wins!
Place blank sheet of paper in a large in a ziplock bag. Add a few dollops of paint in the bag, sparkles, etc. Seal shut and let the kids smear the paint around to "paint their picture". It’s completely mess free and when they are done, have an adult take out the cut out to dry. Kid’s can take home later. This activity is best done at the start of the night, so the drawing can dry.
Area with tons of paper, crayons, feathers, glue dots (less messy than glue), cut outs, print outs (themed). Also, can be used to decorate a paper lunch bag to take home their crafts created at the party.
Have three different color cereal. The smaller the better (rice krispies, fruity pebbles) and have kids fill their ornaments. They can take home after party and eat the next morning.
Do you have any holiday activities that help your family get over the boredom hump that comes up during family gatherings?

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