Hooo-ray! Easy, DIY Owl Costume!

It’s almost Halloween and if you’re like me, you may have waited until the last minute to decide what your little will be dressed as. My older kids knew what they wanted to be and we purchased their costumes weeks ago. The baby wasn’t as easy. At first I wanted her to be a chicken, then something else. I kept my eyes glued to Pinterest and just couldn’t find anything. I put my thinking cap on and decided that I’d make her a cute little owl. So off to the craft store we went for everything we needed to make a cute, LOW COST, owl outfit!
You’ll need:9 Felt (9” x 12”) sheets (various colors)Fabric glueNewspaper/scrap paperPen/marker½ yd sparkly fabric2 old diaper clothes (an old shirt will work too)Old long sleeve onesieScissorsMeasure your little ones arms to get an idea of how big of a wing span you’d like. Mark the spot on one of the diaper clothes with a pen or marker and then draw an outline as shown below. Cut your wings out and place to the side.

Cut your felt into strips, and then into squares. These are your “feathers”. I was going to use real feathers and then realized that it would be a total mess! Felt works just as well!

Cut your squares into “feather” shapes by snipping the sides in a half moon design. This doesn’t have to be perfect! Trust me. Once it all comes together it will look perfect.

Organize the color felt feathers on your wing cut outs. This will give you an idea of how your pattern will look.

If you’re happy with your pattern, you can now glue them to your wings. Once complete, allow the wings to dry over night.

Flip your wings over and cut out your sparkly fabric to match the shape and size of the wings. You’ll glue the edges of the fabric to the blank side of the wings and allow to dry for a few hours.

Place paper between the layers of the shirt, so glue doesn’t seep through to the other side. Glue the top part of the wings to the back top of the sleeves of your onesie. You’ll want to make sure the onesie is a bit big so that your child has enough wiggle room to flap their wings without them detaching from the shirt.
Once everything is dry, try the outfit out on your little angle. Below is a picture of the final product.

We may add some decorative decal on the front of the shirt. And clean up the edges where the sparkle fabric meets the edge of the wing.
We paired her shirt with an owl hat that we had from last winter and a cute tutu skirt that we got at Goodwill for 99cent.
The total cost for this outfit was about $9.00 since we used items we already had as the base of the costume. We looked online and found similar costumes for purchase starting at $35. We prefer our homemade version because it’s super cute and made with love!

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