How Are The Kids Doing?

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 20:33:03 +0000

How Are The Kids Doing?
95.5386% of conversations I have lately start with one of two questions: “How are the kids?” or “How’s the baby”. And for the love of me, I’m really trying to remember how conversations start prior to me having kids over 16 years ago.
I was pretty young when I had my first, so I wasn’t having the most productive conversations. I’m sure they started with “Are you going to the party at Tawes?” or “Want to go to the mall?” . You know something juvenile like that. But the questions were focused on me and THEN maybe other areas of my life like “How’s your mom?”.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate people wanting to know how my family is doing. The people asking are genuinely interested in what’s going on with the kids. It’s just sometimes I don’t want to talk about them. LOL! Especially when I hear you go to the next person and ask if they watched some show. Or they talk about some new restaurant they tried. I like food! Why not tell me. I mean, they may be shut down before I get a spare moment to check out that restaurant, but so what. Chances are the show you may ask me about is somewhere in my DVR taking up precious memory. I’ll watch it. One day.
I’m sure there will be cynics that say “at least people are asking”. To those individuals I say “hush”. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I want to talk about my kids all day. I’m not the parent that whips out her phone to show off pics of my babies. If you ask, sure I’ll show. I just want to talk about more than just that. And the way that I like to keep to my self at times and relish in absolute silence, the few times that I do venture outside without my kids I want to talk about something else.
I usually say “what’s going on with you” and then people spill their guys about all the cool things going on in their life. Let me live vicariously through you dammit! Don’t rob me of adult conversations.

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