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The ability to express emotion, whether verbally or written, is important for a healthy social and emotional development.  From frustration to jubilation, we teach kids what actions or words are appropriate for those feelings.  Emotion talk is probably one of the hardest ways to convey a persons feelings because sometimes it’s hard to “find the right words”.  Supporting a child’s emotional understanding from day to day is a task that is not just important, but it’s necessary to help them as they grow.

As I work to teach my children how to express themselves, imagine my surprise when I came across these LoveSnack cards the other day.  They are affirmation cards you put in your child’s lunch box.  A product on the website, these cards feature  loving and positive messages that you can include in your son or daughters lunch box.  What makes these cards unique is that the cartoon characters span several races.  No one card is the same.  I think this is very important as I work with my children to recognize and appreciate the differences in everyone.

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On the reverse of each card is a place for you to fill in the name of your child, and who the card is from.

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I am putting these in my 6 year old’s lunch box today.  Although I wanted the card to be a surprise, my daughter is very inquisitive and wanted to know what I was writing.  So, I sat with her and read the front of the card and told her when she was finished her school day she could answer the “How Do You Feel Today?” portion.

I’m excited to incorporate this into our morning routine!


These cards are an awesome addition to any child’s lunchbox and I feel that they could also be used outside of the home by teachers and other individuals that work with young children.  And did I mention that the founder of the product was featured in O magazine too! (Yes, Oprah!!)

I encourage everyone to look into these products! I’m happy I was able to receive them.

The whole set of cards can be purchased for only $10 at .  Get 10% off your order by using the code NewCustomer16 .


**NOTE: I received this product for free.  I was not asked to write a review for this product or to promote this product in any way.  My review was based on my genuine love of this product.  This review contains no affiliate links.

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