Road Trips, Scrapbooks, & Cake!

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:29:05 +0000

For most families, life quiets down after the holidays. For me that’s not true. There are several birthdays that we have to prepare for. I have three in January alone, my oldest daughter, my middle daughter and my dear grandmother.
Instead of sending a card, flowers or a gift, I decided that we’d do a family road trip to Philly to visit my grandmother. I was super excited, the kids were super excited and my grandmother was looking forward to the visit.
Instead of taking the truck, I opted to go with the 2017 Mazda 6. Since it was just the 5 of us (hubby had to work), the Mazda was the perfect fit! My husband loaded up the car early Saturday morning and we were on the road before 10am.

The ride was smooth. There was absolutely no traffic. I made sure to pack our road trip staple, fried chicken, and we blasted the Dreamgirls soundtrack the whole way up 95. When we arrived in Philly, the kids were pretty eager to get out of the car. They raced into the house, and greeted their great grandmother.
My grandmother’s house is like a small museum. She has a huge collection of statues she’s collected from her travels around the world. When I was younger, I used to be creeped out by the statues, and would run past them.
I printed a few pictures I had so we could create scrapbook pages. I also grabbed a lot of tidbits from Walmart to add to our pages. We grabbed a small colorful binder, some markers, crayons and a few glue sticks. The total for the supplies came up to under $15. I was even able to get 72 pictures printed for $10 at CVS.

We thought it would mean more to her if the gift was something thing homemade. When I looked through her closet I found a lot of older pictures. This made the activity even more special. As we went through the pictures, she explained to my children who each of the people were. The kids asked a lot of questions.
This was one of the most exciting activities we’ve done in a long time. We created 15 pages of memories, and now have started a new tradition. Each year, we’ll gather pictures from the previous years, and create scrapbook pages. It’s great that each child can add their own personal touch to the photos and create masterpieces. I hope they continue this tradition with their kids.
We also made cupcakes for the birthday girls! Using all no dairy ingredients (baby has a milk allergy), we made yummy cupcakes!!

This trip was special because it was such a change from what we usually do. Instead of chatting and then going out to eat, we actually spent time together being creative. What may seem like basic arts and crafts to you, was something enjoyable by my grandmother. She didn’t need any more scarves, earrings or other material objects. The time spent with family was gift enough, so she proclaimed.

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