The Night My Husband & I Decided to Go Raw

You’d think with 4 kids that my husband and I have gone raw a handful of times. I mean its something that gives you a nice glow, keeps you energized and is just a healthy way of life. But honestly, last week was the first time we ever went raw. Yes, really! We always meant to do it, as a way to boost our energy, but it just never happened. Who had the time to clean up all the mess that came with that type of lifestyle?

So one night, after I indulged in some Whiskey and gummy worms, I proposed to my husband…”want to go raw”?

He hesitated for a bit, and after a bit of discussion agreed to do it.
I went to the store to grab everything I thought we’d need to make it a fun experience. No point in being boring, right! I was so excited!!

Here’s a picture of some of the items I bought.

What?! What the heck did you think I was talking about? Wait…..OMG!

Anyway, you filthy McNasty’s, we decided to try a RAW FOOD DIET for a week. It sounded like such a great plan. And I’ve been known to mean well, and fail miserably at things.
Day 1 – Breakfast
We had a smoothie for breakfast (note: we had smoothies for breakfast everyday)
I used different ingredients each day to switch it up, but the best one was our Rainbow Smoothie recipe.

Day 1 – Lunch
I made crunchy wraps. I used shredded carrots, dried “nacho” broccoli bites, and curry paste. I wrapped that in a raw coconut wrap. I served that with some GoRaw banana coconut chips and some raw sunflower seeds.
Day 1 – Dinner
Dinner was tough. I tried to create a tomato based sauce to go over spiraled raw zucchini. I also created dehydrated mushrooms. With just a bit of olive oil and Himalayan pink salt, I was able to make these shiitake mushrooms taste better, raw.
Day 1 – RECAP
So, I completely forgot that I have an allergy to raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve been this way for YEARS. For the most part I will bear through the uncomfortable feeling to get the goodness from an uncooked/unprocessed piece of fruit. But consuming raw fruits and veggies for an entire day caused my body to go into a mini shock. I had all of the similar ailments I have when eating a single piece of fruit or even a garden salad, but it was amplified. It got so bad that my asthma started acting up.
I knew that if I continued for the planned week, I’d be in the ER. I didn’t want to mess with my body, so I changed the plans. I offered a daily change of eating lifestyles.
Tuesday – Vegan
Wednesday – Vegetarian
Thursday – Pescatarian
Friday – Health Eating
Day 2 – Breakfast
Day 2 – Lunch
I sauteed tri-color sweet potatoes and sliced up some yellow squash, zucchini and onions. Then I added a tomato sauce to the finished product. It was SOOOO good. I couldn’t tell if it tasted yummy because of the raw food I ate yesterday, but I loved it.
Day 2 – Dinner
I made vegan lo mein. No meat, just shredded veggies and a vegan teriyaki sauce over Udon noodles. It was super good. Even the kids gobbled it up!
Day 3 – Breakfast
Smoothie & a banana

Day 3 – Lunch
I snacked/grazed on a bunch of fruit and nuts in the house. I didn’t feel like making a meal.

Day 3 – Dinner
I stopped at Sardi’s and got the quarter chicken meal. I only ate the string beans and the rice. I let my daughter have the chicken. That was tough! I wanted a taste!
Day 4 – Breakfast
Day 4 – Lunch
I went to a restaurant that made sushi in burrito sized portions or as a bowl. I got the bowl and can’t wait to go back because it was so yummy!!

Day 4 – Dinner
Sauteed mussels, baked yukon potatoes, roasted broccoli

Day 5- Breakfast
Orange/Carrot Juice – no sugar added. Very good!
Day 5 – Lunch
Spicy chicken wings – I gobbled those suckers up! Judge ya mother!
Day 5 – Dinner
I haven’t had dinner yet, being in the midst of Day 5, but my plan is to do baked chicken breast, sauteed asparagus, and brown rice.
Lessons Learned
My husband means well, but he needs to eat to be functional. And while eating raw is healthy, he wasn’t prepared for it. He only lasted one day on the plan. I urged him to quit because he was a literal Snickers commercial and it was sucking the joy out of the whole process. He did say that he’d be interested in doing the raw food meal once a week with a better assortment of meals. We’ll see how that goes.
I honestly did feel different on the raw food diet (outside of slowly going into anaphylactic shock). I didn’t feel bloated. It also made me appreciate cooked food much more. I know that sounds weird, but everything tasted sooo much better as the week went on. Maybe it was the anticipation of the addition of the types of food that I was going to have.
Have you ever gone raw? How did you survive? Do you have an alternative eating style? What are your biggest shopping/meal prep hurdles?

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