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Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:50:00 +0000

Last week I went to Jamaica. But I wasn’t alone. My mother and 11 month old baby girl accompanied me. When I made the decision several months ago to bring the baby, I had a plan. I’d basically keep her attached to my boob the whole flight. I knew it’s what she liked and it would keep her quiet. As we got closer to the trip, I realized that while this baby loved her mama’s boobs, she loved to explore the world too. Crawling and climbing all over the place was her thing. Then she learned to walk at 9 months and my plan was shot to hell. I had to regroup. So I feverishly scanned the web on things to buy when traveling with babies.
Below are a few of the items that I purchased that made my life much better.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of me wearing her as we walked around the airport. This was hands down the best buy I purchased for the trip. Since I checked my stroller, it was crucial that I had some way to hold her and hold the other bags I had. She loved the forward facing position and waved hi to everyone we passed. She didn’t seem uncomfortable, and my back wasn’t in any pain after using it. The carrier has a built in seat, so the baby isn’t dangling by her crotch. She is actually sitting on a mini seat area. I was able to put it on and strap her into it by myself. I don’t really care for the color, but I can live with it. I’ve already used it when sitting through my other kids Karate practice. The baby enjoys sitting and watching it.
So, although I brought along a diaper bag, I knew that it was too big to fit under the front of my airplane seat. I bought this toiletry bag and fit everything in it that I would need for a few hours on a plane. I was able to fit a meal, snacks, juice, squeeze fruit pouch, 2 formula holders, a change of clothes, disposable bibs, disposable placemats (which could double as changing table covers), diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, dirty diaper bag, travel diaper cream packet, a tiny bottle of water, my cell phone and my portable cell phone charger. I used a baby bottle holder to dangle her sippy cup with for easy access and I attached a few toys.
This was second best purchase. I was able to fit it under the seat with ease. It was easy to grab items , especially in such a confined space. I used it when I was at the beach as well. I didn’t have to drag around such a huge diaper bag, and it wasn’t in the way. I’ve actually started using this instead of the diaper bag. The diaper bag is used for daycare and trips to grandma’s house.
My daughter is at the stage where she likes to throw everything off the edge of her car seat, high chair, stroller, etc. This strap has been great to catch items before they fall. It worked really well when I wore her in my baby carrier. Her bottle could dangle from one of the straps and she could grab it when she wanted. Plus I didn’t have to worry about it falling on the nasty airport floors.
These are good because they travel easy. I folded these up and placed them in the pocket of the toiletry bag. I downloaded a few movies from Netflix and she watched on her Amazon Fire tablet and on my cell phone. It took a while for her to stop trying to pull the headband off, but it was still a good buy.
Now I’ll be honest. I didn’t realize that these were specific to Tommee Tippee bottles. I didn’t quite understand how they worked, but they were still a good buy. The point is that they are supposed to fit inside the bottle for storage. I still put powdered formula in the dispensers, and then placed them in my toiletry bag. I really do love them. I know there are tons of formula dispensers on the market. I like that these are pretty small and I can throw one in several bags, or even in the cup holder of my stroller.
In the muggy Jamaican air, this fan really helped to keep the baby cool. The blades are soft to the touch, so the few times she did reach out and touch them she didn’t hurt her fingers. We dangled this on her stroller and she laid back and cooled off. It ran on 2 AA batteries. Unfortunately, we had to put it to rest because my older daughter somehow dropped it in the ocean (don’t ask) and the fan stopped working. I’m definitely buying a few more for the summer.
I loved this thing!! I was able to pack it in my luggage. It comes in its own carrying sleeve. It’s super easy to pop up and fold back. It had enough space for me to lie in. I even laid down and breastfed the baby in, with privacy. The baby loved eating her snacks in the cool shade. When we were done, we rinsed the sand off and folded it back into sleeve. I will be buying a few more for my family. We have a big gazebo sized tent that we bring to the beach every year, but that thing is a beast to carry. These pop up tents will be great for each kid to have their own private space/shade and we can use the gazebo tent for the food area. You can also clip the stroller fan to this thing and stay really cool.
Do you have a must buy travel item for baby?
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