We’re On The Run!

As I sat and watched the movie Panic Room, my mind began to wonder. For those that aren’t familiar, Panic Room stars Jodie Foster and it’s about her and her daughter trapped in their NYC panic room when three intruders break in. It’s an OK movie. What got me was that they had a panic room, and I was kind of jealous. Not because I want a bunker in case 45 starts WWIII (even though that may be needed real soon), but because that house is built with a secret room where you couldn’t hear cries for mommy and little fingers could slip under the door. The ultimate mom cave!

You know I love my family, but I need to get away sometimes. And since my husband hasn’t surprised me with a bullet proof panic room stocked with cases of wine and great wifi, I have to create my own excursions.
Last Spring, my BFF Jess, and I went to Miami for a few days. We needed a break and we needed it ASAP! We were on the phone plotting our move. We have 7 kids between the both of us and it was going to take a bunch of planning, coordinating and sorcery to pull this off without coming back to total chaos.



We looked around to see what we could get for our price range.  We wanted to be frugal and not break our pockets.  We opted to stay in a hotel for one night and use AirBnB for another night.

We went to Miami for a day and a half and then to Hollywood, FL for another day and a half.

We arrived pretty early and were going to take an Uber from Fort Lauderdale to our hotel in Miami.  I mean that sounded like an economical solution.  When we went to the taxi area and informed them of what we planned, they said it would probably be about $80 one way.  Say what now!!?  So then I looked at Jess and said, we need a Plan B.  I ushered us back into the airport and started looking at rental car places on my phone.  It took all of 10 minutes to book a standard size car, for ONLY $38 total.   That included unlimited mileage for 3 days.   How Sway!?  How did we get such a good deal?  We used Thrifty!  The attendant was super nice as she checked us in and we were able to go and select the car we wanted.  The first car we chose decided it wanted to eat our luggage and the trunk wouldn’t pop open.  We had to get someone to jimmy the trunk.  They then told us to find another car, a bigger car.  SWEET!!
So we took our little rental and drove to the hotel.  It was nice, very close to restaurants and our room faced a lovely construction site.  *sigh*  We complained to the staff and via twitter.  Finally we were moved to another room that didn’t overlook construction.  Since the property was beachfront, we hopped into our bathing suits (after we ate and took a nap…LOL), and caught some rays.
We enjoyed our time in Miami and spent most of our money on food.  Good food.  We SPECIFICALLY went to places that didn’t have chicken fingers on the menu.  Places that didn’t have high chairs.  A place where our kids would look at the menu and say ewwww.  We spent coin and it felt so good.  I would say that 75% of our budget went towards feeding our belly.
We did some sightseeing the next day
Later that day, we drove to our AirBnB location.  This place was small and sooooo cute.  It was literally RIGHT on the beach.  We had our own parking spot and they had chairs, beach blankets, liquor in the fridge, popsicles, cable, etc!   We actually wish we would have stayed there for both nights instead of the hotel.
We thought these people behind us were following us and trying to take us to the Sunken Place. So, we snapped this slick pic in case our loved ones needed to know what our kidnappers looked like.
We walked to a nice restaurant, Billy Stones Crab, that evening and enjoyed our freedom!
The next day we got up for breakfast and ate right on the water.  It was at that moment when we said “hey….maybe we should catch an early flight home”.  Yes yall, our punk asses couldn’t even complete a full 3rd day.  We left like 6 hours early, AND paid a little extra to get home to our minions.
That’s OK though.  The time away felt so good, and the company was even better.  We missed our family  and that’s OK too.  We did swear that we will do this again AND we are going to commit to staying the whole time!
Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I won a $5 drink voucher playing trivia on my Southwest flight home!! Winning!!
 What’s the longest you’ve been away from your family?  Do you have any ideas for other places to go for quick mom getaways?

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