We’re On The Run!

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 21:28:13 +0000

As I sat and watched the movie Panic Room, my mind began to wonder. For those that aren’t familiar, Panic Room stars Jodie Foster and it’s about her and her daughter trapped in their NYC panic room when three intruders break in. It’s an OK movie. What got me was that they had a panic room, and I was kind of jealous. Not because I want a bunker in case 45 starts WWIII (even though that may be needed real soon), but because that house is built with a secret room where you couldn’t hear cries for mommy and little fingers could slip under the door. The ultimate mom cave!
You know I love my family, but I need to get away sometimes. And since my husband hasn’t surprised me with a bullet proof panic room stocked with cases of wine and great wifi, I have to create my own excursions.
Last Spring, my BFF Jess, and I went to Miami for a few days. We needed a break and we needed it ASAP! We were on the phone plotting our move. We have 7 kids between the both of us and it was going to take a bunch of planning, coordinating and sorcery to pull this off without coming back to total chaos.

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