Toys R Us Closing sales!

I grew up with Toys R Us and so it really saddens me to see it go. Ironically, last year I purchased all of my kids gifts online from places like Kohl’s and Amazon.

Like many shoppers, it’s not personal… it’s just business. In today’s economy, I need to find bargain prices for the items I buy. And unfortunately, childhood nostalgia isn’t enough to keep me going back. It may sound harsh, but my pockets are protected.

I just visited TRU today and these are the current sales. I asked two separate employees when the store would close and got two very different answers. One employee said “we don’t know, it could be tomorrow”, while the other said mid-April. Sooooooo, I didn’t chance it for the one item I wanted. I got a Step 2 Fun with Friends to kitchen set. It was originally $99, on sale for $69 but rang up $59. So, discounts may be deeper than advertised.

Note, all TRU stores are not closing…. For now. Also, while everything is on sale, there are exceptions. Diapers and baby food are not discounted.

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