Living on House Arrest

Kids are amazing!! And when I say amazing, I mean they have this way of making you go crazy without realizing you’re going crazy.  This parenting thing is sooooo much more than you think it is.  From the outside looking in, it probably looks like cuddles, kissing booboos, making cookies from scratch and all that kind of stuff.  From the inside of the cell looking out, it’s really quite opposite.  I liken my time as a parent, as time spent in some correctional facility run by kids.  The the biggest and baddest wardens are the smallest in size.  YES, BABIES RUN THE WORLD!

Don’t believe me?  Go on and make a baby cry.  Take its toy or something simple like that.  See how many people come running to the aid of that little tot.  Now go ahead and start crying in public.  See how many people go running away from you because you probably look ridiculous.

Ok, well I’m not sure if that really proved my point, but the thought of you actually doing that is hysterical.

Anyyyyyyway.  I love my kids (I feel it necessary to profess that in all of my blog rants about them) and they really mean the world to me, but sometimes (all the time) I feel like their prison bitch.  I’m going to assume that my hubby is too, although he’ll never admit to it.  I’ve witness him buckling under pressure when a few drops of water come out of our kids’ eyes.  He’s not immune to their power.

This weekend my husband and I had to audacity to go out with friends….without the kids.   The kids grilled us about where we were going, how long we’d be out, and why did we even have to go.  My oldest didn’t care too much, but the other three had their reservations about us leaving the house without them.  My 8 year old literally cried while I applied my make up.  She was upset because (get this..) she was GOING to be bored eventually and that made her upset.  She wasn’t bored at the moment, but she knew it was inevitable that she’d be bored at a later time to be determined once I left the house.  If I was home, this would probably occur, but on such a grand scale.

The next day we went to the Wizards v Raptors playoff game.  We went to church as a family.  Came home and ate as a family.  We even went to the mall to look for dresses.  At 5:00p, when I was making my rounds to say goodbye to everyone, my 13 year old looked me dead in my eye and said “Where are YOU going?”  I told her I was going out with her dad and she responded “AGAINNNNNNNNNN??” But it was that whiney sounding “again”.  Like she was annoyed that I wouldn’t be around to be ignored by her, as she watched YouTube videos in her loft bed, with her door closed.  Tuh!

I’ve become a bit of a homebody, and I told myself that I would do more.  My kids have become used to me sitting in the house, shuttling them all over the state.  But I’m breaking out!  I found the key to the cuffs, cut my ankle monitor off and I’m hitting these damn streets! They won’t like until they realize they do.  When I’m more relaxed and happy, they’ll see that and….work double hard to work my last nerve…I told you kids are amazing!!

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