We Took An RV Trip! Now, It’s Your Turn…

Clark Griswold: Hey, hey, easy kids. Everybody in the car. Boat leaves in two minutes… or perhaps you don’t want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth, which is only four short hours away?

I grew up in the era of Chevy Chase and his National Lampoon movies. The Christmas one was my favorite, but I also loved when they trekked across the country to Wally World. Spoiler Alert: After days on the road, they find out Wally World is closed for a week for maintenance.

And while the Griswold’s weren’t in an RV, they were in a station wagon (another piece of nostalgia from my childhood). And when I think of RV’s, I honestly think of the RV Clark’s cousin Eddie drove. It was beat down.


As I got older, and knew that all RVs didn’t have to look like that, my thinking began to shift. Except it shifted to thinking older, retirees were the real RV consumers. Again, with age comes more wisdom….and after seeing several “Pimp My RV” type shows on the Travel channel, I wanted an RV. I wanted one that had all bells and whistles and I wanted to travel the country in it. It’s funny how things change.

When offered the opportunity to take an RV trip to Castaways Resort, in Berlin, MD, I jumped on it. I had researched renting an RV for a few years, so this opportunity from GoRving.com seemed perfect! We chose to gone during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which also happens to fall on my husbands birthday. When I approached him about taking an RV trip on his birthday, he was more than on board.

The offer came mid-November. I made the mistake of telling my kids in mid-November. For the next 7 months one of the kids asked about the trip weekly. As we got closer to the date, my 8 year old became obsessed. She began asking Alexa how many weeks until the date of the RV arrival. She drew pictures of her own personal countdown, BY.THE.HOUR. She was pressed.

The day finally arrived. It was time for us to head to Berlin, MD. Since it was a family trip, I decided to interview the family about their experience!

What did you initially think when you first saw the RV?

Kids: WOW!! This thing is huge! Courtney and Mikayla marveled at how big the RV camper was. They said they knew it would need to fit the family, but didn’t realize it would actually fit the whole family. Amari couldn’t wait to see the inside, as she hopped off the school bus!

Husand: His first thought was GEEZ, it’s huge! But he couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. When I stepped inside, I had to contain my excitement. I wanted them to know that I took the instructions they were giving me seriously.

Me: OMG! I’m not driving that thing! Once I got over the size of the RV, I instantly fell in love with the interior! The attention to detail was phenomenal and rivaled my own home kitchen interior. I still can’t believe there was a double sink!!

How was it riding in the RV? Did you like it better than riding in the car? Why?

Kids: WEEE! The kids all agreed that riding in the RV was way cooler than riding in a regular car. Mikayla loved the ability to get up and grab snacks as they cruised down the road. Courtney appreciated the lush couches since she chose to nap the whole way to Castaways. Amari said it was nice to have a great big TV to watch. They watched movies and a bit of local television as we traveled down the road.

Husband: He thought the ride was great! His key takeaways regarding the drive – decent acceleration, great braking system, and it was actually good on gas relative to the tank size, GVWR, and power use.

Me: This windshield is huge! As the co-captain I was in charge of the radio, the map, and making sure the captain was comfortable. With all of the controls in the center console easy to navigate, I was able to adjust the volume for the entertainment in the back, while making sure we had tunes up front!

When you got to the resort (Castaways RV Resort), what did you think at first?

Kids: Yay!!! They were excited to final get to the resort. As we headed down the windy road, they kids wondered if there would be only a bunch of RVs lined up with not much to do. Once they turned the corner and saw the basketball court and ice cream shop, they knew the resort had so much more to offer.

Husband: Wow!! This place looks awesome! We need to do this more often.

Me: I think I was more excited than the kids. As we turned the corner and I saw the rows of RVs, I saw a community. All of these people had something in common, and I was excited to join it. The resort was so much more than I had imagined. Hands down, it beat a hotel stay by leaps and bounds.

What was the most favorite part of the trip?

Kids: CRABS! For the most part, the kids enjoyed crabbing. Mikayla, a huge dog lover, was excited that there was a beach dedicated to dogs! She walked to the “dog beach” daily just to watch the dogs play in the water. The sand bank was shallow enough that the dogs looked majestic racing in the ocean water.

Husband: My favorite part was the fire pit and the flat screen TV on the outside of the RV. Plus, I really loved just watching my family have a great time.

Me: As we approached the pier, to crab, another Castaways guest came up to us and asked if we had ever been crabbing before. This guest proceeded to show us the rope and offered to share supplies with us. Did I mention the guest was only 8 years old? He spent an hour with us comparing crabs and explaining which ones we should throw back to mature.

Did you learn anything new while on the trip?

Kids: Fun! The kids said they learned to work together as a team. Building fire, catching crabs, and walking the campsite required them to work together and listen to each other. Courtney said she learned how to to build the fire with her dad.

Husband: I learned that my family’s happiness means so much more to me than I thought. I also learned how to build a great fire!!

Me: I think learning to crab was the highlight of the trip for me. I know it seems so simple, but it was such a fun experience to do with the girls. We each took turns trying new ways to attract the crabs to our nets. One girl perfected tying the chicken to net, while another girl decided where the best spot was to place the net.

What do you have to say to people who’ve never been on an RV trip?

We all agreed that this is an experience that everyone should do with their family. Coming into this, we never knew what to expect, but after it was unanimous that we definitely wanted to do it again. I was surprised how close the girls seemed during the trip. There was much less fighting and more sisterhood. While it may sound corny, I really feel like they all bonded. I hope this memory is something that will stay with them forever.

We hope to go RVing again. It was an experience like none other. With so much of the country to see, we are eager to plan our next adventure!

Have you ever been RVing?

Check out our video and pictures below:



17 thoughts on “We Took An RV Trip! Now, It’s Your Turn…”

  1. You have me reminiscing thinking about National Lampoon. I love that movie and laugh every time I see it on tv! I am so glad you all had a great time. I’m still on the fence about RVs, but I think everyone should experience it at least once in life.

  2. I am happy to hear when black people RV! We should do it more often I actually know someone who is going to be living in an RV and traveling across the states in it!

  3. An RV trip has been on my bucketlist for a few years now. I will definitely make this happen with my kids by next year. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  4. You guys had a good time. I was telling Babe that w should take the kids RVing. I think they would love it, they are all about a good adventure.

  5. That thing couldn’t even fit on the Nyc streets! Lol. And I giggled when you were talking about how excited your daughter was. “She was pressed!” Lololol. I think I may do this when the boys are a little older.

  6. That looks amazing! I’ve never thought about going RVing but your experience makes me want to consider it now. Especially since you can see a lot of places in one trip!

    1. It’s a great alternative to flying, that allows to visit more places on a budget. I want to travel more by RV!!

  7. Wow what an amazing experience. My older son always wanted to got go Rving, or as he used to say: I want to ride in a mobile home. We haven’t had the chance yet, but it looks like the experience would be amazing.

    1. Tell your son, I used to call them that too! 😉
      It does literally feel like a home on wheels. The attention to detail is amazing

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