You’re Only Healthy Until You’re Not – Pt. 1

I’ve got a family of 6 that depend on me for health insurance. Because of my job, my husband and I decided it was best for everyone to be on the family plan offered by my employer. While I have really great insurance, there are still a lot of out of pocket costs that I incur due to the varying medical needs of my family.

As parents, my husband and I know first hand how hard it is to keep up with the expenses of 4 children. Between school and extracurricular activities, it seems like we are always shelling out money to pay for something. When one our daughters became sick with a lung disease, and another was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, our medical expenses almost tripled. Even with the great insurance that I had, the bills and expenses still took their toll.

We were going from seeing the pediatrician for their routine annual physicals, to seeing various specialists. Each with their own copay and set of follow up requirements. To add to that, there were required medications. These medications, like insulin, were required in order for our child to live. We couldn’t go a day without it, or the consequences would be dire.

After, my “great” insurance changed their pricing structure on some of the required medicines my daughters’ take, I knew it was time to find something to fill in the gap.

You know how you see those commercials and pamphlets at the local pharmacy advertising prescription discount programs? I’ve looked at them, but never looked into them. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to review HealthPlan USA, that I got a full understanding of what options I had to offset some of our medical costs.

Full disclosure, when I looked at all the they offered, I immediately thought “they can’t help me anymore than what I’m getting through my health insurance”. And while I have yet to actively use it, just by reviewing the website, I’m actually excited to apply for membership and put their program to full use.

According to their website, HealthPlan USA offers discounts for doctors , dental and vision visits. In addition, they also have a wide variety of discount options that can be coupled with most insurance plans to reduce the cost of prescription medications.

With my schedule and 4 kids in school, one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to trying is the telehealth program. Sometimes, there isn’t a necessity to go to the doctors office. And although I can phone my doctor or nurse triage for my kids pediatrician, it’s usually a waiting game for them to return my call. It’s nice to know that IF I have a quick question about the health of anyone in my family I’ll be able to get medical advice conveniently and promptly.

The great thing about this all is that I don’t have to navigate this program by myself. Insurance coverage is a tricky thing. It’s hard to really understand what is covered and at what out of pocket cost to the patient. I never knew there was a way to even negotiate discounts with hospitals! HealthPlan USA understands those types of frustrations and offers their Health Advocate™. Solutions to help customers navigate insurance and health care systems.

HealthPlan USA understands those types of frustrations and offers their Health Advocate™. Solutions to help customers navigate insurance and health care systems.

I’m excited to check this all out and look forward to sharing my experience.
I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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