Keeping Mom Healthy Matters Too!

Playgrounds, movie theaters, school buildings, restaurants, and hospitals are all breeding grounds for some of your most favorite viruses. If you really want to live on the wild side, have a child and they’ll surely handy carry the flu or a stomach virus right to your bedside. And while we try diligently to sanitize everything they touch, we’re bound to miss something. Inevitably we’re all bound to get sick.
As a caretaker, we make sure our children see the doctor, we give them their medication and we do our best to make them comfortable. For millions of Americans seeing the doctor can be an uphill battle if they don’t have health insurance. If they are fortunate enough to have state funded health insurance, there are still barriers that can keep a person from getting the quality service they deserve.
I’ve mentioned before that my kids have had more than their fair share of visits to the hospital.



To date we’ve endured:
2 ICU stays
3 Surgeries
6 Hospital stays
11 Different specialists

It’s a lot, and while I know it could be worse, it’s still a lot. I’m grateful that my girls are relatively healthy.

But what happens when mommy gets sick? What happens when mommy needs surgery? Or when mommy hurts herself? Access to quick answers is necessary.


I’ve recently struggled with my own health issues.  Stuff that I’ll share another time.  But we can’t be supermoms ALL the time.

As a busy mom, I move quickly in everything that I do. This includes cooking. I don’t like anyone in the kitchen when I’m cooking because I’m floating around the place like Muhammad Ali. Well the other day, I’m making dinner, which included chopping onions. I’ve chopped onions a million times. I’m a natural Carla Hall. This particular evening, after chopping onions, I was distracted and wiped my eyes. There was an instant burning in both eyes. I flushed them with water, and quickly went to Google to see if I’d need to seek medical help. Hey, I’m dramatic! I know! I wasn’t convinced that I’d be ok, even after several articles said I would. It was a weekend, so I couldn’t call the doctor. BUT, I did have access to HealthplanUSA. I logged into the system and got confirmation from a board certified doctor that my eyeball wouldn’t fall out. I was able to rest and carry on with the rest of my day.
Check out how easy it was to save my ailing eye:

Using their MD Live feature, I selected myself to “see” a physician.

They then give you the option to use the phone or video conference to interact with the physician.

I briefly let them know what was my medical issue (I wanted to put “losing an eye to onion injury”)

In the off chance that I’d need medication, they had me choose a local pharmacy.  My regular pharmacy was listed.

Then they confirmed my appointment, including my estimated wait time.

With my good eye, I noticed that they had an icon with an indicator that I had one appointment scheduled.

I even received a text message confirming my appointment!

Within 15 minutes, I spoke to a doctor who assured me my eye wouldn’t fall out.  I received an emailed receipt after the call, that included the deets on my call.

All of this for less than $20 a month folks!

Read more about why I’m so passionate about making sure we ALL have affordable and accessible health care!

When Asafu Thomas, founder of HealthPlan USA lost his job toward the end of the great recession in 2011, he became one of the millions of Americans without health insurance.  This experience sparked his interest in the healthcare industry.
Pairing his market research experience with his genuine passion for building businesses to solve socio-economic issues, the HealthPlan USA mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare for underserved populations.
HealthPlan USA, a member-based organization, is a benefits program providing significant discounts on healthcare services. Services include telehealth, dental discounts, pharmaceutical discounts, vision discounts, and healthcare advocacy for only $16.48 a month per household.
During the Congressional Black Caucus 48th Annual Legislative Conference, HealthPlan USA officially launched at the premier kick-off event by co-sponsoring the annual, invitation-only Girl’s Night Out Reception. In addition, HealthPlan USA also participated in several other events, as well as been featured in various media, during launch week creating awareness about its new service.
To learn more about HealthPlan USA, visit

I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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